Friday, 11 June 2010


So from today until mid July, we've got the World Cup for breakfast, lunch & dinner. I'm not much into football & have arranged to go out to dinner (Lebanese food, since you ask ;)) tomorrow when England play their 1st game.

Against America? Didn't even know they played football in America. Thought they are all about good old baseball, american football & basketball.

Anyway, just in case you have a LITTLE time for Sex amongst all the football matches (as I write this, South Africa have just scored and gone 1-0 up against Mexico - Can't help but know the tv is on top volume here at ukquickies headquarters!

Women aren't much into football, but most men are - So have you ever stopped to think that NOW is a good time for you to get involved with some new women sexually????!!!

THINK ABOUT IT....... 89% of men are so fascinated by football, that they're concentrating on that. Women are left alone and frustrated and hoping for some good quality cock.

Why not your cock? Why not indeed. My advice? Turn your back for a few hours on the football (that Adrian Chiles bloke who's on the tv now, has such an annoying face) & concentrate on a woman.... While other men are getting their jollies watching a ball being kicked....

Why not get your balls sucked instead? Sounds good to me.

I'm looking forward to sucking a cock soon. I'm feeling v.horny at the moment. I had a wank this morning (YES, us girls do wank you know ;)) & need a man sooon...

Here's a new mature woman for you... She's new to the service and her name is Irma. Come up and see her, make her smile!

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