Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Domination is the name of the game

How're You doing? Opening the mail this morning (although ukquickies is on the internet, we still do a lot of business via the old fashioned post/sex contact magazines) I was surprised that we got four letters in the same day from women up and down the country who want to advertise themselves as amateur dominatrixs.

NOT for money obviously, just for the sexual thrill of dominating and controlling a man, and sort of part-time owing/having sovereignty over a man; sort of making him a slave/servant.

I'm not much into domination... done a few things, but not much; but I think more and more women are willing to add a bit of dom to their sexual repetoire.... That certainly seems to be the case....

Take Louella for example, here's what she wrote about herself/her wants....


I like to fuck men ... in the arse ... wearing a small, medium or massive strap-on dildo! Which would you prefer? I enjoy pulling gently on their balls, squeezing their cocks softly, sucking them off and making eye contact as a man ejaculates into my mouthy (yes I do swallow)

But before the man cums via my blow-job, I like to fuck his arsehole with a frenzied passion. It feels real good...

I'm also a fan of x-dressing a man, spanking him, rope bondage, light watersports & just generally exploring the kinkier wilder side of sex.

I am 100% clean, not looking for love or a relationship - just for wild kinky private fun.

I'm in my mid thirties, blond and not at all false. I'm a warm-hearted helpful person who just has a kinky wild side to my sexuality which I want to explore more....

So if any/all of the above appeals to you too, get in touch as soon as you can. We can start e-a-s-y/slowly and get more intense gradually. Or whatever you want....


You can find Louella in the website

So are you into being dominated? Are you just after a bit of mild spanking, or are you more interested in the intellectual mind-gameness of the domination scene? I'd love to know, because honestly I'd love to know/understand more about domination & femdom in general.

If you're interested in being dominated - is the way to go. Always quite a few amateur doms on there. Plus, as the website says many times, many many times...

"NOTE: remember we do not accept adverts from prostitutes, escorts or professional doms, all our advertisers are amateurs looking for no fees either way adult enjoyment and pleasure."

As the first Egyptian said to ther second "Can't get Pharoah than that!"

Have a good day. xxxxxxxx