Monday, 28 June 2010


I know you'll miss me, but I'm off for my hols..... Palma Nova in Majorca for me, for 2 weeks of sunbathing, drinking and partying.

Be back to work some time around July 15th.

YES, I will be going topless & YES I do expect to have a shag or 2 or 3!!

Do a deal with You - If I get over 25 emails from different men asking, I'll post photos of me sunbathing topless on this site, ok?

Did you see the last episode of Dr. Who? It was great. Really enjoyed it. & that 'Amy Pond'.... as a bisexual girlie, I'd love to spend a decent amount of time in her tardis!

While I'm gone - will be here to serve all your pervy sexy needs.

Now that England are out of the World Cup (players were weak & pathetic in my opinion, they just didn't seem to make enough effort) - I think.

It's time for You to concentrate on women more than football. England may not be able to score - but you can!

Use & enjoy your sex life much more. FUCK MORE WOMEN....

Wherever you live in Britain - England, Scotland, Wales & N.Ireland there're women waiting to share their sexuality with you - & they're not prossies or anything - they're not here to be paid, they're here because they enjoy sex - Just like you.... & me!

So, c'mon between now & mid July, use & have a lot lot lot lot of sex fun. It's easy for You