Monday, 21 June 2010


At, we often get requests from women who're either married or in relationships, who want to spice their sex lives up &/or give their husband/boyfriend a little treat.

Here's one such example, who hasn't met with any success - YET!

What's wrong with you guys? Why're you so flippin' fussy :)?

This is Abigail. Find her on the website if you want to info/contact details..

Abigail has only 1 simple request. Not a lot to ask... she wants a man (any age, but preferably 25-40s) to fuck her passionately while her boyfriend watches & enjoys.

It can be a one-off arrangement or a regular get2gether; it's just that for ages they've been fantasising about Abigail getting fucked by a new man while being watched and appreciated sexually.

So what're you waiting for? Why are you looking a gift-pussy in the mouth? (ummmnn... that doesn't quite make sense, does it?!).

Like all our advertisers, Abigail does not want paying for sex or anything. No money exchanging hands or anything of the sort - Just good clean dirty sexy fun.

Get yourself over to & get in touch with Abigail as soon as possible, if you fancy her & want to fuck her hard - she's up for anal too!