Friday, 11 November 2011

Too shy to meet new women? Our biggest success so far this year!

You can never tell. We're mainly a sex contacts service @ (well, the name does sort of give it away a little doesn't it?!) but we're happy helping arrange all sorts of relationships, we've been responsible for our fair share of weddings, and are surprisingly good at relationships between disabled men & women who move in with them as a cross between lover/carer. You just can never tell!

Well, in
2011, our biggest success so far has been the love shy service (aka tooshy). Basically, if you are shy around women, if you're an adult, who has either never had a proper relationship with a lovely woman, or whether you're just very nervous around women - this service puts you in touch with a woman who has specifically specified (I was dreading typing that, but spelled it right first time!) she wants to hear from a shy man or a man who has trouble talking with women, let alone sleeping with them!!

I think the thing is, there are so many men out there who don't respect women, that some women now just want to find someone willing to take things more sl-0w-ly & to get to know eachother properly.

As I said, that isn't exactly what the normal part of is all about, but we're here to be all things to all men & women, so if you need to take things at a more gentle pace, this service is certainly for you. Head on over to the website, and find the TOOSHY/LOVESHY page & follow the easy intructions to get yourself started.

Being shy around women must be horrid, now you can do something about it. Wherever you live in the UK.

I've attached 4 or 5 photos of women who've joined the service just this week, to give you an idea of the quality of women you could be meeting, and remember these women WANT someone who is shy or nervous around women. They're patient and they're understanding.

Some of our loveshy male users are older or widowed men, looking for someone younger to bring some thrils into their lives. Some are divorced and feeling down, in their 40s or 50s maybe. Just feel they're out of luck with women in general - Buck your ideas up if this describes you - You can still pull and pull a very very sexy lady indeed.

Some men are in their 20s or 30s & just haven't clicked wth a woman, and have gotten into the 'habit' of being single. WRONG. Use the loveshy/tooshy service and improve your lovelife and sexlife 10000%

Or maybe you're younger, 18-25, and you're either still a virgin, or just generally very inexperienced - No problem - We have women advertising who'll sort you out and make you so much more confident and self-assured.

SEX IS VERY IMPORTANT for the LOVESHY/TOOSHY SERVICE, it just isn't the immediate immediatel priority. No pressure.

If you're shy and looking for sex - may hold all your answers. If you're a male virgin looking for sex, we're here for you. If you're a widower looking for sex - You're now looking in the right place.