Saturday, 19 November 2011


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I know everyone has their own opinions, but the sort of relationship that Pam here wants is what I think is best sort of Adult relationship.

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Well, delicious sexy Pam is in her very early forties, and is a gorgeous milf looking for sex, but looking for passion and maybe not quite love, but certainly proper friendship and loyalty. is where you'll find Pam. She's a lonely divorced woman who's not looking for a full-blown proper relationship, but wants something more than just a one night stand or completely anonymous sex.

Pam is looking for a friend with benefits. A man who'll wine and dine her a little, maybe take her to see a show at the theatre (for example, the Cambridge Arts theatre is doing Star Quality by Noel Coward, which she'd love to see) - Maybe go for a deal or to a nice wine bar for a drink...

She has a good job and doesn't need money-help of any kind whatsoever, she's just looking for a sexually minded soul-mate.

There's quite a story behind the photos she had done for us, ask her!!!

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Pam has 2 dogs (labradors) & likes going for nice walks. She also just enjoys staying in and sharing a bottle of wine.

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