Friday, 25 November 2011

Bangor? You'd probably prefer to Bang her!

New. Granny sex contacts in Bangor, Wales for you today. Looking for casual sex in Wales with a older woman? Mature sex in Bangor is here today - This is Avril, she wouldn't tell us her precise age, but she's over 60 and up for sex. She's one of the currently oldest women advertising on for a part-time fuck buddy.

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Avril has ticked yes to all the usual sex acts - Oral, vaginal, handjobs, sextoys etc. She's married but has her husbands permission to be advertising. Has her own home, and hubby doesn't need to be around when you come over, if you don't want him to be. Although they would also be up for 3sums, if you're even in the slightest bit interested in that sort of shananigans!

Finding mature women looking for sex in Wales, or to be more precise mature women looking for sex in Bangor has never been easier. I think we only currently have 2-3 women advertising for casual sex in Bangor, so it's first cum first served. Early bird catches the worm etc!!

BTW - Avril got her photos taken by our part-photographer Steve of Chester. They've already been purchased by 3 of the international website companies we sell photosets to - Not bad eh, obviously a lot of men around the world are going to be fancying her and wanking over her - But YOU have a chance to fuck her. Fuck her on a regular basis. How lucky are you?!!!

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