Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The 'Raid the Database' Uniform sex Contacts service has finally arrived!!

Ok, I know we've been promising it for months, but here it is -

In the 2010 survey we found out that an awful lot of you are a little bit shy when it comes to asking women that you've only just met to dress up for you for sex.

Understandably. As it's the 1st time (& very possibly the 1st and last time) you're having sex with the woman - It may be a mite bit embarrassing asking her to slip on a uniform for you.

So here's the answer - the new 'Raid the Database' service. You just type in a single word, which in this case is 'Blazer' & then wherever you are in the U.K. - England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland - You'll get connected to whoever is online and willing to wear a uniform for sex.

It's very easy, very cost effective and saves you a great deal of time and effort. So - Love women in uniforms? Knee socks? Blazers? Crisp white shirts? Maids outfits? Ankle socks? Whatever your favourite is - Uniform sex contacts have never been easier for you.

Here're photos of just a few of the women on this service - Head over to www.ukquicksex.co.uk for lots more