Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Finding a woman who'd let you cross-dress in front of her has never been easier


Raining & pouring here! Typical British weather :)

If you want to find a woman who wants sex with a cross-dresser in Great Britain/the U.K., it's now never been easier for you.

We've just been updating our 'raid the database' section for women who're looking for men who're into cross-dressing.

Here're 7 of the women on the datatbase. Just 7 at random. All the women on the database (I won't lie to you and say there're 1000s, but there are certainly 100s, all around the entire U.K - all looking to hear from a man who is either a cross-dresser, a transvestite or who wants to try cross-dressing etc for the 1st time.

Not saying you do! But if you fit into any of those categories - Head on over to www.ukquicksex.co.uk & follow the link to the 'Awesome' cross-dressing section. It's here for men to find women who like cross-dressers.

It's taking us ages to improve the 'raid the database' mobile phone contacts; but hopefully it's all going to be worth it. If we can help you have more sex fun with more women - then that's alright then.

If you're a secret cross-dresser -married or single, and you want to take things further - this is your best solution for cross-dressing casual relationships or more serious long-term secret affairs.

There is nothing Gay or Bisexual about this particular database of sex solutuions for cross-dressers. This is purely for straight men who enjoy the sensual pleasures of wearing womens clothes and lingerie, plus high heels etc.

The sex involved here is sex between a man and a woman, but when the men is cross-dressed or partially cross-dressed, so if the thought of having a really good, really hard sex session with a woman, while you're wearing either stockings and suspenders or a basque with stockings & high heel stiletto shoes - with your face artfully made-up to make you look feminine - You won't do any better than this.

So? Want to wear a a pair of stockings? Want to buy a dress in your size, but want a woman who'll come with & shop with you? Want to feminise yourself in the utmost privacy & secrecy, and want a woman who'll share your sexual endeavours with you. It's never been easier - Raid our database, find the 'Awesome' section on www.ukquicksex.co.uk & follow the vvvv simple instructions.