Monday, 5 September 2011

Bisexual Girl looking for 3sum sex in Grimsby


Weather tomorrow is supposed to be non-stop rain over the entire South/Midlands part of England/Wales right up until lunchtime. Guess who's going to get soaked getting into work in the morning? Moi!

The weather is Grim, which made me think of Grimsby! Then lo and behold, we get an email from a girl (Natasha, aged 18) in Grimsby, who's looking for something in particular sex-wise in Grimsby.

Natasha(isn't she pretty? I'd lick her outmyself!) is our our latest sex contact in the Grimsby area.

As I said she's eighteen years of age and she;s looking for a couple (married or living together) to have 3sums with on a regular basis.

Natasha is bisexual but has never had a 3sum before. She's NOT interested in a 3sum with 2 lads & her (she could organise plenty of those without our help, I'm sure) - she wants a man and a woman sharing her.

So could you persuade your wife to go for a 3way with pretty Natasha? Are you based/living in the Grimsby area? Or is it reachable from you?

Natasha wants a man to fuck her right in front of his wife/girlfriend. She wants to watch you fuck your wife/girlfriend - She wants the 2 of you to lick her out together, and more & more... Basically she's a dirty girl, who wants to experiement with her dirtier side. You up for joining her?

To be 100% clear - Natasha isn't a professional. She doesn't want paying or anything - just good dirty sex. She wants an older couple (20s-40s) who she'll feel comfortable with and wants a longterm sex & friendship relationship. She doesn't & will not have sex with the guy only, just wants 3sums and perhaps bi sex with your girlfriend/wife when you're not around. How does that sound? Opportunity of a lifetime if you ask me.

Almost worth moving to Grimsby for..... Almost.

It's never been so easy to meet women for sex in Grimsby. We're getting more and more single women joining our database wanting 3ways only, Check out the website -

So if you want 3sum sex for you & your wife/girlfriend - Check the site now. Bisexual women for you & your wife to have sex with have never been easier to find, since we launched our 'raid the database' app a few weeks ago. It's going brilliantly.

But back to Natasha. Fancy her? Would you wife fancy a 3way with her too? Then get over to the site and get in contact with her soon. It's not all Grim in Grimsby!