Friday, 9 September 2011

Hairy woman Sex Contacts in Poole, Dorset

Remember pubic hair? From what I've heard it was very big up until the 1970s/1980s, then at some point un the 1990s, more and more women began to shave then wax, and now hardly any women aged under 50 or 60 have hairy pussies.

& I should know, I get to look at new members photos 5 days a week! Not just the ones on the site, but all the ones they submit to us. Sometimes I think I could go on Mastermind, with the specialist subject of 'Womens cunts'...... Well, to be honest, actually, I've never thought that until now, but you get my drift......

But if you're a fan of women who don't shave themselves down below, and you live in Dorset, or at least can get to Dorset (the town of Poole in Dorset, to be precise) then you're in luck.

Here's a brand new hairy sex contact from Poole in Dorset. She doesn't shave around her pussy and is proud of her hairyness, and wouldn't shave her cunt for any man.

Finding a hairy pussy in Poole has never been easier for you. Here she is - She's Bharrison on the website, and as I said is brand new & wants sex without any hassles as soon as possible.

So - Want a woman who screams with pleasure when she has an orgasm? Bharrison is for you
Want a woman who squirts from her pussy when she has a really good cum? Bharrison is for you
Want a woman who never shaves her hairy pussy? Bharrison is for you

& interested in wanking into her worn knickers, smothering your cock with her wet moist worn panties? That's fantastic too - As although it's not a necessity for you to do exactly that in front of her, she says it's actually one of her biggest turn ons.

Poole in Dorset isn't a huge town (at least I don't think it is, my geography isn't great, didn't even get my gcse in it), so there aren't a huge number of sex contacts in Poole, but here's a brand new one - Unshaven, divorced and looking for a man for a fuckbuddy/friends with benefits type sex relationship, married guy welcome. No fees either way just for for xxx fun - as usual with all our sex contacts.

Meet women in Poole - It's easy, here's a new member waiting to hear from you