Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Doesn't this new Black sex contact in the West Midlands have an AMAZING arse?

It's passed 6.30pm and it's time for me to be heading home, but I just wanted to share this photo with you. She's a brand new black horny sex contact who lives in Birmingham in the West Midlands.

Finding Black women in the West Midlands is something can definitely help you with, I'm glad to say.

Doersn't she have an almost awe-inspiring arse? As those of you who know me know, I'm about 75% into men and 25% into other women. I'm HIGHLY bisexual woman when the mood takes me. I'm not a lesbian, but I do love/appreciate a horny other woman.

Koni is, as I said, looking for a man who wants casual sex in the West Midlands with a black woman. I think she has a fabulous arse and would love to squeeze it, hold it, lick it, kiss it and just ponder over it.

If you love black women and you want sex with a local black woman - Visit & search for Black women in your area.

Sometimes (only sometimes, most of the time I'm vv happy to be a woman) I wish I was a man & Koni's arse makes me feel like that - If I had a cock, I'd love to push it between her gorgeous butt cheeks and fuck her hole.... Makes my pussy wet juat thinking about it!

If you strike lucky with Koni in the West Mids, please let me know and tell me ALL about it. Yes, it's true I fancy her a lot.

Meeting black women in Birmingham for sex, Meeting black women in the West Midlands for sex has just got a lot lot more exciting, in my opinion -

Right I'm off before I wank my pussy right here in front of the laptop! Have a great evening, You heard of a chain of Japanese restaurants called 'Wagamama'? I'm getting take-away from there tonight! Katie xxxxx