Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Can you believe what's going on? Near where I live (South Croydon) there's been all sorts of rioting and looting, and buildings getting burnt down. It's horrible.

I know not all the rioters/looters are black men, but watching sky/bbc news this morning, it looked to me as if the majority of them are. It's a terrible shame cos it gives black people a bad reputation, and I have loads of black mates and they're all great really nice people.

Rioters - Shame on you.

Just thinking, why are these black guys so angry? Checkin out the website today - www.ukquickies.com, I found loads of nice looking black women who're gagging for sex.

Why aren't the rioters having sex fun with nice black women? instead of getting all angry on the streets?

Whether you're white or black or asian (or an eskimo for al I know) - Sex with black women is very horny and very good. Want sex with a black woman? Nothing could be easier for you to arrange, get on over to www.ukquickies.com & have a look around. Here're photos of 3 of the women who're available tonight/tomorrow.

Meet black women for sex. You'll be very glad you did, and with London (& maybe the rest of ther UK to follow) in all the riot trouble it is, nothing better to take your mind off things then a good shag.

& in a way shagging a horny black woman is a bit of revenge on the black men who're rioting isn't it? They're setting fire to everything/stealing sony tvs/jd sports clothes - You're doing their women! Serves them right!

Want to fuck a black woman? Sex with black women has never been easier. Just get on over to www.ukquickies.com

& whatever you do, don't go rioting tonight! Make love not war!!!

Stay safe, Katie xxxxxxxxx