Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Meet women for sex in Grays in Essex



Here's a new member! A brand new sex contact from Grays, which is in Essex apparently. Hey, one good thing about this job is that I'm discovering the whereabouts of loads of different towns and places in Britain.

Her name is Andrea and she's in her 40s, she's a single mum and recently got divorced, and needs a man who is private, discreet but highly sexed. She's not been with a man for over a year, but get this, has had TWO love/sex affairs with TWO women since breaking up with her husband.

So if you fancy meeting a woman in Essex who's bisexual but on the look-out for cock, here's 1 for you!

She's up for all the usual things - Lots of kissing, fondling, handjobs, blowjobs, sex, anal sex (when empty) & experimenting with bondage/spanking etc. She's also interested (but has never done so before) in Sex parties in Essex.

Spanking fetish in Essex... Sounds good to me, and Andrea certainly looks like she's got a good size ample arse, whether you're up for fucking it or spanking it!

Contacting her couldn't be easier. Head on over to www.ukquicksex.co.uk & head for the Essex section.

Andrea finds cum'ing by being licked out the easiest way for her to cum with another person - so don't bother contacting her if you're not prepared to lick her pussy for a decent amount of time.

So if you live in Essex, and/or in Grays in particular & you're looking for a divorced woman for sex in Essex - Then maybe Andrea is for you? She's looking for something casual but longterm, and asked us to stress that's she's not a hooker & doesn't want paying. She's doing this for fun. She's doing this for kicks.

As always, ukquicksex.co.uk is your best bet for casual encounters in Essex, which is one of our most successful areas.I only wish that Amy Childs from the only way is Essex & celeb big brother was on our service, imagine how many men there are out there who'd love to fuck her brains out? Brains, did I say brains? Does Amy have any?!!! Just kiddin' She is a sexy Essex girl though.