Friday, 5 August 2011


Just had such a painful customer ring us up. He'd been setting up a sex-date with one of the women (an 83 year old lady no less) on & realised the service had cost him more than £8

So instead of just accepting it, he rang up and pretended not to know the service wasn't free. He'd spent £8, big deal.

& he was probably just a few texts away from actually meeting (and of course fucking the OAP woman) he'd found on

Granny sex is a hugely popular part of the sex mags. The best way that people can get connected *then meet*then fuck) mature woman and grannies - is thru the website.

Well sorry to let off steam to you. But he irritated me. 100s & 100s of men & couples meet women & other couples via every week. We get dozens of testimonials from happy happy customers every week. Use the service properly. Use your mobile phone or smart phone to text for sex.

But don't be like Mr. Plonka who was just on the phone (ok, that wasn't his real name!!) & expect a free free free service. We couldn;t afford to run this service for free. We spend £1000s of pounds a week advertising to find women who want casual anonymous sex, we advertise in most womens magazines (in the back pages) that're sold in newsagents such as wh smiths.

So, hope you give a new woman a good cunt-contracting orgasm this week-end.

Luv & kisses, Katie x x x x x