Monday, 8 August 2011


That's the woman you're fucking wearing tights by the way! Not you!! Although whatever turns you on... My ex-boyfriend used to like me to wank him off while he sniffed my socks (or my sisters socks, that I had to get out of the laundy basket, which I thought was rather rude of him).

Do you want to have sex with a woman while she is still wearing a pair of her tights? Black tights. Tan tights. Navy blue tights. What sort of tights turn you on? Thick tights or sheer almost see-thru tights.

As far as I know is the only British website to maintain a database of swinging uninhibited women across the entire United Kingdom that are happy to get fucked while wearing a pair of tights.

There are dozens of tights sex websites across the world, and more than a few based here in Britain, but what I ask You is the point of looking at photos or videos of women wearing tights having sex, when You could actually be having sex with a woman who's wearing tights yourself.

I just grabbed photos of 4 of the women currently on the Hosiery tights sex database. Use the service to contact a woman who is happy to wear tights while getting shagged, and if you don't fancy the 1st woman you're shown, move onto the next....

Sex contacts specialising in women wearing tights. If you like looking at women wearing tights, then stop looking & get ready to start fucking -

As always remember, none of the women on our site/mags are hookers or prosies (or as they like to call themselves 'escorts'). They're just ordinary women who want free easy good hard clean sex. & the fact that they'll happily wear a pair of tights for you during sex just seals the deal, eh?

So go on over to & check out the Hosiery section if you want to meet a woman who'll wear a pair of tights for you while you're screwing.

& just so you know.... YES, I am wearing a pair of tights at the moment :)))). Black opaque (means thick) tights, 50 denier I think. Well it may be August, but it's only 19degrees out & I get cold!!

Hope you're having a good Monday, Luv, K x x x x x