Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Where is Bognor Regis? It is in Sussex isn't it? Pretty sure it is, actually, to me, it always sounds like one of those places that are made up... Like Scunthorpe! I mean is there really a town up north, with the word 'Cunt' in the middle??!!

Well anyway, if you're looking to meet a woman for sex in the Sussex area, or to be more specific if you're looking to meet a woman (or women) for sex in Bognor Regis - Look no further, check out the website immediately as there are two new mature women in sussex who're ready and willing and can't wait to have threesums.

A lot of you men have pretty strange/wrong ideas about us woman and sex, you know. You can find it so hard to accept that women have as strong a sex drive as men do, but we do express and deal with it a little bit diferently, we like to be woo'd and romanced a little. Complimented and told we look attractive/sexy... That's the way into our beds and our panties!

Gail and Mandy of Sussex here are two such prime examples, they're looking for men for sex. They're not hookers, they don't want your money - they just want good hard sexy times.

If you're looking to have sex in sussex and you like mature sexy women, you're in for a xxx treat. Both these ladies live in Bognor Regis, and Mandy can accommodate as she lives somewhere nice and private, with no nosey neighbours to look out the windows...

& if married women in Sussex are what you're after - well, both these women have been married but are currently divorced and loving it. Casual sex in Sussex has never been easier, whether you're a married or a single man.

So if it's women aged over 55 that you're looking for, here're two horny examples of them for you to contact and hopefully fuck fuck fuck. Both the women are both mums and grandmothers, so this is pr0bably one of your only chances to have a genuine threesum granny sex in sussex experience! Incredible. for full contact details

& by the way, my date with my 'older' friend on Friday, went vv well. We went to a pub for a drink and some food, then to see the movie 'Cowboys and Aliens' which was ok, but nothing special. Then back to his place....NO, I didn't sleep with him, but we got off with eachother and he licked me out... We're seeing eachother again next weekend, so....

He's exactly DOUBLE my age, so it's a bit of an age-gap!

Speak soon, K xxxxx