Monday, 11 April 2011

Sexy Sara of Kent

Hey, what happened to the weather? The weekend was amazing, hot and sunny, today (Monday 11th April 2011) started beautifully, but now it's mid afternoon and it's gone all cloudy.

Went to the park for lunch today, got a sandwich, salad and a diet coke from Tescos on the way (my life is SO glamourous!). It always makes me giggle how many men walk past a couple of young'ish/pretty'ish girls (Me & Gloria who works for as a graphic designer) & try & sneak crafty looks up our dresses as we're sitting on the grass.

GUYS, If you think we don't notice what you're up to. Trust me - WE DO.

I don't mind though, if a glimpse of my panties (pink m&s ones today since you ask!) helps brighten your day - Go For It!!

Now where was I? Sara (see todays photograph) has just joined the service. She's in Kent, near Folkestone and is married but wants more sex in her life.

As usual wirh we do not allow prostitutes or escorts or anyone who is after your hard earnt money to advertise with us. Sara doesn't want to charge you a penny for sex. Or a pound or £50 for that matter.

She'll let you fuck her for FREE. FREE. FREE. Can't be clear enough about that!!!!

She just wants to enjoy her sex life more, and hopefully You will be able to help. Best of all if youre a truck driver or something, and sometimes pass through Folkestone to use Eurotunnel or a ferry - Stay the night with Sara. Anytime except school holidays, her 2 kids are away at Uni now, so it's just her & her husband at home most of the time.

But the overnight thing is just an offer. Sara just wants to suck your cock, get your cock up her pussy and taste your delicious manjuice. That's what's most important. Sex contacts are what we are all about.

SO if you can ger to the Southern Kent area and fancy Sara - find her on & get in touch with her as soon as possible. She's 100% new to this sort of thing, her husband is 100% behind her and is so so so excited about her getting shafted hard.

I'm feeling randy, I'm off for a w-a-n-k. Haven't had sex for over 3 weeks now. Poor me! Going up to London on Saturday though, so fingers crossed I'll get laid.

Right, I'll love you and leave you. Have a good rest of the day. Katie xxxxxxxxx