Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A New Trend in Sex Deals?

We've always had a few but recently we seem to be having a spate (is that a real word?) of couples looking to make a special sort of sex deal with a new man.

Up & down the entire country, but especially in South West England (No! Seriously!) we're being contacted by more and more married couples (or couples who live together) who want this ---

In return for You (well not specifically YOU, you understand!? Just the man who's contacting them) having sex with the woman and the two of you having a really really good enjoyable time together in bed.... The husband/boyfriend not only gets to watch, but also...

a) gets to suck your cock for a minute or 2


b) Gets to 'Clean his wife up' after you've Cum up her or over her. In other words, he gets to eat your spunk right down.

So what do you think? Most of the women stress that their husband/boyfriend isn't gay, just that he's into this idea of a little sucking etc. It seems to be more of a sex fantasy made reality sort of thing, rather than anything gay.

NOT that there's anything the matter with anyhting Gay. Don't get me wrong. & I'd hardly be the one to talk anyway. I've been bisexual for ages, and only last week, got drunk with my best friend (who I've known since we were 11) & we ended up snogging, kissing, then scissoring & licking eachother out. & we're in our 20s now.

We've had a sort of part-time sex thing going on for years. Sometimes we do things quite regularly, often we don't lay a finger on eachother for ages and ages. It's just a friendly reliable sex thing between us.

So anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, the number of couples who've recently been registering on looking for a man for the wife/girlfriend to have sex with. ON A REGULAR BASIS & in return the husband/boyfriend gets to suck your cock just for a short time, and and also lick up your sperm once you've cum.

A deals a deal in my opinion & some of the women who're doing this are gorgeous, so I think it's a great offer in my opinion.

Take a look at your local area of to see if any couples are offering it in your neck of the woods.

We may (if I have time/energy) do a newsletter listing/showing some of the women/couples who're after this 'special deal'. So make sure you join the subscription to newsletters service, it's on the homepage of the website. And for now, here's a photo of Rebecca, she's one of the wifes in question....

So to sum up - You'd get to fuck and do what you want to Rebecca on a 2-3 times a month basis. Privacy expected and assured at all times. In return for letting Lewis (her boyfriend) suck your cock a little either before/after sex (he'd be well up for 'cleaning you up' as she puts it) & also let him eat your semen once you've cum up Rebecca or over her.

If this special deal turns you on, get on over to as soon as possible & fill your boots. Sex is such an important part of life I think, and in my opinion, anything you can do (short of paying good hard-earnt money of course) to get more sex with more sexy women - You should go for it. Find Rebecca & other wifes/girlfriends with bi-curious husbands @

That's a point - Rebecca is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT a prostitute or escort or anything similar. She will not be charging you a penny for sex etc. Can't be clear enough about that. We do not promote any sort of prostitution/escorting services. Just people enjoying their sex lives in a good clean dirty way - all across Britain.