Thursday, 19 January 2012


Want a meet a Halifax in Yorkshire?

Here's a new member who's only just joined this morning.

Her name is Agatha & she's originally from Thailand & is in her early 30s. She works as a nurse and does 12 hour shifts which means she works 3-4 days a week, and then has 3-4 days off.

She's usually too exhausted to go out/socialist, but misses having a regular sex life... She's looking for something more than a one night stand, but something less than a full-blown relationship.

In other words, she wants a friends-with-benefits/fuck buddy sort of long-term relationship, although she dislikes the term 'fuck buddy' ... or so she says.

Looking for free sex in Yorkshire, want a friends with benefits relationship with a Thai woman in Halifax, then hopefully Agatha may suit your purposes.

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But don't be like the idiot who telephoned me today to complain that he sent one email to a woman he fancied which read '
Don't bother replying if you're not prepared to have sex with me this afternoon, but you'll be missing out on the best sex of your life, send me your email address, home address and phone number if you want to take this further.'

He was shocked/upset enough to complain that the woman didn't reply. & he didn't even send a photo. What a loser. No woman in her right mind would reply to that text and say yes immediately. Women may be looking for sex on our site/s, but they're looking for sex with someone decent, not rude fools.

If I've said this once I've said this a 1000 times, if you want a woman who'll definitely have sex with you immedately, ge tin your car and get yourself a streetwalking ho. Got a bit more money, go find a prossie in a flat, even richer? Book yourself something a bit more upmarket.

We do NOT NOT NOT promote 'money for sex' or allow ho's to advertise on our websites in any way whatsoever - free sex/friends with benefits/fuck buddys/casual sex are what we're about -nothing else.

So back to Agatha - If you're in the Halifax area or can get there - Maybe she's one of the Thai sex contacts in Yorkshire that you're looking for? Get in on there quick though, she's looking for one man & one man only. No jealousies either way, so fine whether you're married or single.