Friday, 27 January 2012


Hey, one of our advertisers over at has today earnt her 9th payment for use of the photos she had taken of herself when she started advertising with us.

That means in under a year, she's earnt over £2000 in fees for allowing adult sites around the world to show her photos on their sites - Her photos obviously are nude/rude & xxx explicit, you can see for yourself over at

£2000 is A LOT OF MONEY & She only did the photo session to enable her to have photos to text men who got in contact with her for sex sex sex and friendship.

So good old (& she'd forgive me for calling her old, she is in her seventies after all) Brenda - Earning over £2000 for 2 hours of photos being taken.

Whether you'd like to meet Brenda yourself or you just happen to see her photos while you're trawling thru the internet looking at porn - It just goes to prove that advertising with is the best idea of all.