Monday, 24 May 2010

Did the weekend make you HOT?!

Wasn't it an amazing weekend? 26degrees yesterday. I can't sunbathe much (have fair skin and can't take too much sun), but my brother had a bbq at his place, so I went round, ate too many sausages (meat ones not willy ones), read the papers (Can you believe what that Duchess of York/Sarah Ferguson got up to, trying to sell her ex-husband Prince Andrew, out for loads of money?) & played with my nephews/niece. A really nice 'family' day - A million miles from what we get up on at ukquickies! But life is al about contrasts isn't it?

Monday is 'uploading' day here at UKQ TOWERS! When all the new women who've applied to join in the last 7 days actually get uploaded onto the system.

We were talking in the office this morning about which is the busiest time of year for casual sex - Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer. I guessed: Winter.

Which would you guess? When do you think you're at your horniest and have most time to think about sex and cheering yourself up with a bit of extra sex action?

Winter was the obviouse choice for me - short days, means being home looking at the computer, finding UKQUICKIES and finding a like-minded woman or women to enjoy.....

I was wrong. Summertime is the best time for finding yourself a piece of new pussy. Maybe because women wear less clothes when it's hot, you men think about sex more often, and thinking about sex leads to wanting more sex...

And wanting more sex leads to obviously!

Women love sex as much as men do, and to be honest, women love casual sex as much as men do. As a 10000% woman, I can tell you - a female orgasm is amazing, intense, world-numbingly, toe-curlingly wonderful. I love to cum. All women love to cum. It's just that a lot of women are a bit shy about admitting it.

One woman who definitely isn't too shy is Jaycee. Find her on the website. Here're a few extra photos of her. I thought I'd mention her because she's one of the reasonably few women on the website that I fancy myself.

I don't see myself as a bisexual, but I do enjoy kissing a woman, and have gone further a few times I'm not a full-blown lesbian or bi though - I think I just enjoy the sensuality of good hard filthy '100% mutual enjoyment of eachothers bodies' of sex; and sometimes a woman (such as Jaycee)....... Well, there's just something in her eyes, something in the way she looks, that turns me on.

What do you think?

My recomendation for Today or this week? Get in touch with Jaycee and get ready to get xxx dirty with her. But be warned - You may have to wait in line - I think she's sluttysuperhot too!