Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Hi Guys,

Not even quite sure where Sutton Coldfield is (Near Birmingham, right?) but if you can be there on August 1st (it's a Monday) you're in for a good time.


It's time for another ukquickies.com sex birthday partython, this time to celebrate Mikes' birthdaty. Let me explain -

Mike is married to Deirdre. She's the horny milf in the whire stockings in the photo. It's Mikes birthday & for his 'gift' Deirdre is allowing him to watch her get fucked by as many men as possible.

& if there're any bi women out there who want a taste of Deirdres' tasty snatch (well, I haven't tasted it myself, you understand, actaully, I haven't been with another woman for agaes & ages & am begining to really miss it) - You're welcome to come along too.

Deirdre is a milf, lives in Sutton Coldfield, so if you want to meet a woman in Sutton Coldfield for sex, she's for You.

She loves sucking cock, getting her pussy licked out, getting fucked and wants to try double penetration. She also wants as many men as possible to spunk off over her face.

I'm sure you won't find that too much of a problem. LOL.

Party starts at 8 & ends when the last guy has had as many cums as he's able to with Deirdre, basically the deal is, she's your willing sex receptical for the night. Fill whichever hole you want or is empty at the time, and fuck it until you cum up it or over her pretty face.

What could be simpler? What could be more fun?

No entrance fee or costs. Bring beer or wine or anyhting you want to drink. That's it.

For your over 18s invite to this xxx sex birthday party in Sutton Coldfield, send 24 1st class stamps, a letter stating you're over 18 & your name & address to - Katie,
Unit 106,
Wey House,
15 Church Street
KT13 8NA