Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Portsmouth sex contact - Kathy

(2011 Portsmouth sex contacts)

Just had a new member join us in Portsmouth, and she's only 18 years of age. Here she is... What do you think? If you're looking for sex in Portsmouth, or sex in Hampsire in general, You could do a lot worse than Kathy. Find her on the main ukquickies.com website.

Kathy lives with her boyfriend, and they seem to be pretty wild about sex. They've had a few 3sums in the past, but just want to try wilder and wilder sexual things - hence this ad.

Kathy has a good variety of uniforms, and usually wears stockings not tights. Her boyfriend is 100% non-jealous, and is as in to this as she is.

Kathy is one of those eighteen year olds, who has a sort of 'gene' or 'hormone' inside her that just makes her ultra ultra horny. She sort of lives and breathes sex - and wants it & enjoys it so much.

So far the oldest guy she's had up is was in his early thirties, but she's keen to try someone older.

So, can you get to the Hampshire area for sex? Kathy is a pretty much perfect Portsmouth sex contact, and she's 100% new to the service, get over to the website, find her and contact her soon (or contact whoever you fancy a sex relationship with).

I was taking to dinner last night, I had a really good rib-eye steak, french fries and (surprisingly) brussell sprouts). I don't eat red-meat all that often, so the steak was a real treat. Anyway, for some reason we started discussing what, if we died, our last words would be & what we'd be pleased out/disapointed with, when we went.


One of the people said his last thought as he went would be 'Did I sleep with enough women?' - He's a ukquickies member (that's why I was being treated for dinner) & he's slept with loads of women off of the site, over the years, so he sort of nodded 'yes' & pretended to die!

Well, have you slept with enough women? If not - get on over to ukquickies.com asap. & even if you have, sex is always pleasurable, you should still consider shagging Kathy if you fancy her.

Kathy was born in 1993. That makes me feel so old!

So Hampshire sex contacts don't get much fresher than this. 18 years old and pretty too. Time to fuck her brains out? Meet a new woman in Portsmouth today. Tuesdays are usually quite dull days, liven yours up with some Portsmouth pussy!