Monday, 13 June 2011

10 Men wanted for Belindas' Tight Arse

Can you get to the Shrewsbury area on the 27th June 2011

Shrewsbury sex contact Belinda (find her in the West Country area of is holding a anal sexathon on the 27th June and wants 10 men to shag her up the arse for a video she's making for her forthcoming (or should that be forthCUMing?!) website.

You can wear a mask or a t-shirt to hide your face if you don't want to be recognised, but if you want a totally horny totally free way to fuck a really beautiful girl like Belinda up her tight gorgeous bottom hole.

Casual sex contacts in Shewsbury aren't all that plentiful. Shewsbury isn't such a swinging part of the UK! But Belinda is definitely not to be missed. Slim, sexy, blonde and with big tits - What more could you want?

For your invite to Belindas' anal gang bang, send 12 1st class stamps and your name, address & date of birth to me at the usual address - Katie, Ukquickies, Room 106, Wey House, 15 Church Street, Weybridge, KT13 8NA