Wednesday, 25 May 2011


If you're into women aged over 55, you're in for a right treat.

Claire contacted us this morning, she's been using on & off for probably over 5 years now (since before I was working here, that's for sure) & is one of our stalwarts.

It's her hubbys' birthday on june 14th and as a present, she's organising a gang bang for him to watch. There's nothing he likes more than watching his wife getting group fucked by as many men as possible.

So if you can be in East London (Stratford area) for late afternoon/early evening on June 14th 2011, they're having a sex party...

Claire is hoping to perform with at least 20 men, so if older women are your thing, and you want a free fuck at Claire's cunt - You're in for a summertime treat.

So June 14th, Stratford, East London - Be there or be square.

For your invite, and all the info you need, just send a large sae & 12 1st class stamps to me at the usual address - Claires' party, UKQ, unit 106, Wey House, 15 Church St., Weybridge, KT13 8NA

Have a good rest of the week, weather has been great today, but seems to be getting worse as the week goes on.