Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Keep an eye out for Theresa @ - She has an offer for you....

She not only loves sex, but she loves sex and booze as well!! A woman after your own heart?

She hasn't heard from any younger men yet, and especially wants to get fucked hard and fast by a younger man; it's been her sex fantasy for years, and so far, although she's heard from, and been shagged by a few men in her age group or a little younger (she's 45++ by the way) - she really wants to meet up with a man who is in the 18-30 sort of age group.

So here's her offer - She'll buy you dinner too! Maybe at a local pub or a nice local restaurant, she especially likes either plain British, Italalian or Greek/Lebanese food.

So come on you younger guys - what more could you want? She wants you to fuck her hard and she'll treat you to a slap up 3 course din dins as well.

Fuck her hard. Up the cunt and up the arse too, if you like putting your dick where the sun don't shine. She's perfectly attractive for a woman born before 1962 & I bet she'll be able to drain every last drop of your lovely cum....

Yes, lovely cum.. I'm feeling particularly horny myself today too. Though you ain't getting dinner off of me.... However, if you fancy buying me dinner.....!

Contact Theresa the usual way & fill your belly before you fill your boots!

Have a lovely day.