Friday, 1 October 2010

Fancy Chloe Mafia?


Have you been watching X-FACTOR recently? Or even just reading the papers!

If you have, you'll no doubt have been following the xploits of Chloe Mafia (Not her real name) who's been appearing on the show, and have been the centre of all the controversry - Is she an escort? Isn't she an escort? Does she charge £250 an hour? £270 an hour? £160 an hour!??

She's not madly sexy/attractive is she, but there's something about her that certainly is a turn-on. Am I right or am I right?!

Well, we don't have Chloe Mafia on our service (As a bi-girlie, I'd be in like Flyn if we did, although, like Steve, I really disapprove of prostitution (why pay for it when you don't need to?) and think that most prossies are dirty slappers.

However, someone new is on our service - as of today -

Here's Mariah, I think she bears more than a slight resemblance to Chloe Mafia, and better still, she's only 18.

So if you fancied yourself a bit of Chloe Mafia action - Mariah isn't just the next best thing - She's better. Younger, less rough and just a dark-haired girl who wants sexy fun.

So whether you're 18 or older older older. If you fancy her, get in contact with her as soon as possible, demand for her will be HIGH!

Visit the website:

to find Mariah & get in touch with her.