Monday, 17 October 2011

Is Maria Fowler from Towie an Escort?

Been watching The Only Way Is Essex? Is Maria a £600 an hour escort? First newspapers said she was, now she totally denies it, and I actually totally believe her.

Also people have spread rumours that there're nude photos of Maria Fowler on the internet. Even that there're xxx photos of Maria Fowler. I'm not convinced at all.

Well, can't offer you Maria Fowler, first off I don't believe she's an escort and secondly don't accept ads from escorts anyway!

But in the Essex area, we do have a very pretty 19 year old advertiser called Jane Breshal, she's looking for threeway sex between a new man, her and her boyfriend. They've never had a threeway before, but want to. Here's a photo of Jane for you to compare to Maria Fowler, she measures up pretty well doesn't she? & she's not looking for a penny or a pound for sex- Just for fun.

Head over to to find/contact Jane. We may not have nude photos of the Towie girls, but we can certainly fix you up for sex with Essex girls aplenty!

Have a good Monday, Katie xxx