Friday, 18 February 2011


Who wants to or can afford to pay for sex these days? Why spend £60/£80/£100 on a hooker when you can get it for free?

This is Rebecca, she's 24 & lives in Cheshire. She has a part-time job, which means she is free a lot of the time, and from what she said to me on the phone just 20-30 minutes ago, Rebecca loves sex and loves being licked out expertly.

She's not not not not not a hooker. She's never charged for sex, would never charge for sex and doesn't want one penny piece off of you. She wants to meet up at a pub or cafe, have a drink or a tea and then head back to your place. Can't host? No problem, she's a big fan of car-sex or outdoors sex too.

Rebecca is just one of so many young women these days (hey, I'm 1 of them too, don't forget!!) who just enjoys sex and loves to have plenty of it. She doesn't want love (though if she happened to meet someone she gets on brilliantly with, who knows) she wants a friendly good time and to give and receive sex pleasure.

So if you're in the Cheshire area, and want FREE sex with no strings attached. Get in touch with Rebecca, for her mobile phone number, you can write to me at the usual address, enclose 6 1st class stamps to cover postage etc & I'll send you her info, or visit & look in the Cheshire area for all the girls, women, trannies and whathaveyous that're available in your neck of the woods.