Friday, 14 January 2011

*NEW* Sex party in Derby - Feb 11th, who's cuming?

Hi Guys,

Sorry it's been such a long time, but what with Christmas & New Years, then coming back to work last Monday, it's just been one thing after another.

Miss me much? I know it's a bit late, but I hope you all had a great Christmas & a happy New Year.

Get laid much? Did I get laid much? Wouldn't you like to know!

Here's details of a gangbang being organised in Derby on February 11th and everyone is invited. No entrance fee. It's being organised by Liz & John of Derby, and it's to celebrate his 50th birthday.

So if you fancy milfy Liz & want to take your turn with her - Then all you need to do is write to me at Katie, UKQ, Unit 106, Wey House, 15 Church Street, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8NA. Enclose 12 1st class stamps, and I'll send you your invite and Liz's email address, so you can get al the info you need.

It'll all be very informal and fun. Just a bunch of blokes taking their turns with her mouth and pussy. No fees. No money. Bring a bottle or two if you want (for drinking not for frigging her with, though you never know)!

So, don't ever say I don't spoil you with pussy that's free and ready and waiting. Can't wait until February 11th to get some good sex action, then use & text someone you fancy the pussy off of, and fill your boots.

Make 2011 a great year, sex wise. If I was you, I'd aim to have a new sex partner at least 12 times in 2011, that's just 1 new woman to shag a month. EASILY ACHEIVABLE via

Here's Liz as your February pussy, just 11 more birds to find, and it's still only mid January.

Right, I'm off, to make tea and go thru my emails. Speak soon, katie xxxxx