Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Who else enjoys getting their Balls Sucked?

Got a challenge for You.... If you LURVE getting your ballsack sucked and tongue licked all over - Go on over to www.ukquickies.com & find yourself a nice willing ball sucking woman to give your lovely balls a good gentle/medium hard sucking - Just the way men like it!

Then drop your load over the skanks' face or tits.

From conversations I've had recently with women who advertise with us - Women in their 40s/50s particularly enjoy giving a good proper ball sucking/licking. Maybe younger girls (like me!) concentrate too much of just straight forward cock sucking? Any opinion? Anything to add to this topic? Let me know.

Whatever your opinion if you could do with a good proper ball sucking (or should that be balls sucking? I suppose it should) - rush to www.ukquickies.com and find someone you fancy in your part of the UK & get ball sucked into Pre-Christmas Heaven!

I would if I was a bloke ;)))