Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sock it to Me!

It's Sunday morning, and I've just been thinking....

Got a confession to make. I had a bit of a one night stand last night! No harm in that, I'm sure, I love sex as you all can probably guess...

Anyway the guy I met last night was ok, but we were both a bit drunk and the sex was good as oppose to fantastic.

Still there're worse ways to spend a Saturday night ;)))

Anyway, the reason I'm posting is that when we got back to his place (he has a room in a big flat, sharing with 4 other people) we started getting eachothers clothes off, and snogging and groping.... all the same old same old...

But then before he got his cock up me (but after we'd 69'd & I'd had him up my throat) - he asked me (quite shyly) whether I'd mind doing something for him....

Basically, he showed me a drawer of womens socks and asked If I'd mind wearing a pair during sex.

As you all know, I aim to please, so I just took a pair out at random & put them on - They were orange kneehigh socks by the way.

So NO the photo of the woman wearing white socks here is NOT ME! Well spotted. She is one of the women on who is happy to wear socks (ankle socks, knee length socks or over the knee socks) before/during sex.

And that's why I'm POSTING! ;) I think quite a lot of you randy men like women who wear socks don't you? I sometimes wear kneesocks when I go out & I see the looks I get.

So here's my point, did you know has a sex service (UK wide) for men who specifically want women who'll wear socks for them? Well they do.

So if you're into women who wear socks and are happy for you to enjoy them, head to & find the SOX section and get in touch with a woman, and take it from there.

So now it's 11.48am on Sunday morning, and I'm back home alone! Have a good day. Love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx