Wednesday, 18 August 2010

MORE HOT PIES - Fresh supplies

If you're looking for some casual sexy action with no repercussions and no problems, then this new sex-fan is (to quote from 'Grease') 'THE ONE THAT YOU WANT' ;)))

Do anything you want to do - As long as you both enjoy yourselves. That's the main proviso, isn't it?

So what are you waiting for? Find her on & get in contact as soon as you can.

Mature women, for so many men, are the way to go these days for so many men.

More mature men (men in their 40s/50s/60s) often prefer older women because they have more in common with them... and it's less stressful to get it on with a woman more or less your own age, than a younger woman who possibly may be judgemental of an older guy.

Although in my opinion, there are more and more young women (18-25) around who really fancy older men, maybe I'll tell you about that one day soon ;))

& lots of younger men can't wait to get it on with older women so that they can gain from their experience and sexual know-how.

August is a great month for finding sexual gratificiaton in because so many people are away on holiday, so you can take your pick with who you fancy.

Can I also mention something a little bit delicate to you guys at this point to you guys out there, who're into anal sex.

I'd say the majority of highly sexual women are into anal sex... but I've had several emails from women who advertise here, who've said (more or less, I know I'm paraphrasing a bit) it's all very well getting it up the arse, but the man needs to remember to rub/play with my clit some of the time too, to get me more hot/excited.

So just quickly - Most women say 'Yes' to a bit of anal, but need some pussy stimulation at the same time! Hope that's not too much to ask!!!

I'll close now - remember - is your top place for women aged 40+/50+ & 60+. There're even some women 70+ still wanting a good hard seeing-to.